What is Invisalign

It’s a fantastic alternative to fixed braces that is much more discrete. It uses a series of removable, clear aligners that apply gentle specific movements to the teeth, giving you a brand new smile! It also allows you the flexiblity to remove them to enjoy your food and drink!

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Four steps to your new smile with Invisalign


Our dentist will assess your suitability and discuss your treatment options


Using our iTero scanner, there are no uncomfortable messy impressions and you will be able to see a 3D simulation of your new smile before committing.


The first aligners will be fitted, possibly including any attachments or smoothing required. These will be changed at regular intervals to move the teeth towards their final positions.


Once you are happy with the final positions our dentist will make retainers which must be worn to keep your new smile!


We have invested in a digital intra-oral 3D scanner. This makes the whole process faster and more comfortable, without gooey impressions!

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Invisalign is custom made for your needs and can successfully treat a number of issues. These include:

  • Overcrowding, overlapped teeth

  • Rotated, twisted teeth

  • Gaps or missing teeth

  • Crossbites

  • Underbites and overbites

  • Worn teeth

Invisalign FAQ

Why do you have to change your aligners with Invisalign?

Your aligners are made to fit your teeth at different stages in your treatment. As your teeth gradually move, so too will the aligners fit your teeth at that moment in time. It is important that you change your aligners according to your dentist’s recommendation.

Why can I not eat and drink with my Invisalign aligners in?

It is essential that you remove your aligners before eating and drinking anything other than cold water. Eating with your aligners in may mean that you end up chewing through your Invisalign braces and breaking them. Food and drink can also stain your clear aligners causing them to become discoloured and unhygienic.

How can I help with my Invisalign teeth straightening?

You can help your treatment by ensuring that you wear your Invisalign aligners for the allocated amount of time – 22 hours a day. Make sure that you brush your aligners with toothpaste every time you brush your teeth so that your Invisalign braces are kept clean and hygienic.
Finally, by chewing regularly on your Invisalign chewies, you can ensure that your braces maintain that “tight” feeling which you may well experience when you change to a new set of aligners. This pressure isn’t painful but does mean that your aligners are working well in correcting your teeth.

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